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Rental and financing

A variety of rental opportunities

Let us take care of the financing and service of your truck so that you can concentrate on your core business

Attractive solutions and flexible financing

We make all the arrangements

Consult with us, and we will together come up with the best financing solution for your next investment. UnikTruck offers both attractive and flexible aggrements. 

Björn from UnikTruck
Less than 6 months

Short-term rental

It may seem like a big investment when needing one of the very large forklift trucks or container handlers. UnikTruck has a variety of solutions for rental agreements. Our most important job is to make even the heaviest lifts as light as possible.

UnikTruck offers short-term rental whereby we finance the truck and see to its regular service. Since we are self-funding, our flexibility in this line of business is unique.

Used forklifts from UnikTruck
For long-term projects

Long-term rental

Alternatively, UnikTruck can offer long-term rental. In this case, we sell the truck to a leasing company and see to the regular service ourselves. We guarantee the salvage value of the truck, which ensures our customers both a pre-agreed, fixed monthly fee and optimal flexibility.

Short- or long-term rental gives you a number of advantages

No funds are tied up in equipment and there is no down payment

No outstanding debt to deal with when the agreement expires

You are entitled to deduct running rental expenses from your profit and loss account

No strain on your overdraft facility, stamp duty or registration fees

Attractive solutions & flexible financing

We offer both short- and long-term rental

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